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All too often, people are forced to choose between a career that offers stability and one that they actually find meaning and passion in - the risky dream career. They want to be journalists, artists, or even musicians, but they worry that they will fail and end up on welfare prompt them to become something they don't really like, but something that pays the bills. This is an unfortunate but true fact of life. Finding a career that you truly enjoy is almost as important as finding the right spouse and seeking out your passions. Money is important and job security is great, but nothing beats doing something that makes you happy – doing something that you love. If you’re one of the many people who have chosen practicality over passion, you’re probably reading this and thinking to yourself, Of course it always sounds good in theory to pursue your dreams, but how am I supposed to actually upend my life and take such a risk upon myself? This is a valid question to ask. Certainly, giving up your current job for the sake of a dream career is easier said than done. But if it’s something you’ve been considering for a while, all you really need is that final push of confidence in order to go forward.

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