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Exciting Career Prospects In The Fast-Paced Construction Industry

Engineering and construction have always been popular career choices for students. The construction industry forms about 6%-9% of the US GDP and the 2012 revenue for the industry is estimated to be around $1.73 trillion. A career in construction means joining a team of specialists who are working together to build a strong future. Related: 6 Signs You’re On The Wrong Career Path The wide variety of skills required by the industry means there is an interesting range of career opportunities available. A lot of far-reaching and exciting changes are taking place in this industry. With an increasing emphasis being placed on limiting carbon footprint and harmful effects on environment, new developments like green buildings and sustainable architecture are evolving. Your career path is likely to be varied and may well change as you begin to specialize. More than a third of people working in the construction industry are their own boss, so you could even end up running your own business. Construction offers many different types of career paths, from semi- and skilled craft careers covering over 20 different trades, to jobs in management covering a wide scope of activities. Let’s have a look at some of the opportunities available in this sector.

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