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6 Signs You're On The Wrong Career Path

6 Signs You're On The Wrong Career Path

If you're still convincing yourself up to now that the career path you're pursuing is really the right one for you, then maybe there is something truly wrong with it. Your doubts must be acting up due to natural instincts. Related:3 Very Real Reasons You Should Make A Career Shift However, don't be too hasty and file that resignation. Breathe and weigh things out first. The following signs could possibly help you think through if you're practically on the right road (perhaps not just with the right company, or something like that) or if you really shouldn't be on that career path in the first place. Find out here:

1. That Boxed Up Feeling

Walls. Boundaries. Box. If one of these words (or all of them) can seemingly give you the feeling that your current career or you can even find these word synonymous to your profession, then you are probably not really meant for that kind of career. If you feel like it's already a dead end at all turns, then maybe it is indeed for you.

2. Not-So-Maximized Capacities

Whether you're a college graduate of not, you have built in and acquired capabilities from different means. If there are certain important and dominant capacities which you think you have but are not maximized or probably even touched by your current profession, then perhaps it's high time for you to find a career path that can give you the chance to use and improve your skills better.

3. The Job Hopping Hobby

If you feel like job hunting is become your new past time, then you're probably having this "job hopping hobby" syndrome. It's not a good sign. It's also not a good thing for your resume. You need to break that hobby and find a better career for you instead. Running can be a way better hobby than this.

4. The Malnourished Resume

Speaking of resumes, sometimes it's not how many jobs you already had that really counts or how many pages your resume really is. Actually, the longer your past job list is and the more pages you have for your resume (that you may even need a table of contents for it), the worse your professional background may look. It means you haven't been able to stay long on a company or companies are always closing down when they hire you in. Bad news. Better research for a new line of profession.

5. Instincts Are Not Kicking In

More often than not, instinct is the very first indicator if you're on the right career track or not. Aside from the fact that it's kind of easy for you to love your job, you can also play it by ear. It's like even though you haven't been lectured about it or you haven't had that kind of situation before, you can handle your job well because your professional instincts are kicking in. Although it's not always the case, you can also take this "instinct" factor into consideration. You can also use this to decide which job description fits you best.

6. Unhappiness

The most vital factor of all is your happiness. Although you can probably survive a career for how many years without being practically happy about it, that sense of fulfillment will never be present. And you won't find it in your heart to love what you're doing unless you're happy and satisfied. So, as early as now, find a career path that will make you happy while earning some money. Surely there will be a job which can bring out the best productions, the best market brand, the best essays and write-ups, the best pastries in town and the best "you" ever. Remember that happiness and satisfaction are still more important factors to consider than position and paychecks. Now that you're done reading the whole thing, you probably have an idea of where you stand right now. It's up to you whether you're going to continue on your career path or take a completely different road instead. Just keep in mind that this professional highway can be a bit tricky and stressful. Be wise.

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