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6 Warning Signs That You're In The Wrong Job

6 Warning Signs That You're In The Wrong Job

For some people, it is blatantly obvious they are in the wrong job. They just know that they hate their job, their company, their colleagues, or all of these aspects. In most cases, these people have either resigned themselves to a life or misery or they are actively seeking to change the situation. Related:3 Very Real Reasons You Should Make A Career Shift For many people though, being in the wrong job is less clear cut. They might have a nagging doubt but it is likely that they have just pushed this to the back of their minds. If this sounds like you, then take a look at these warning signs that you're in the wrong job and see how many you identify with.

1. You get that horrible feeling in your stomach on Sunday evenings.

Now, I know that most people don’t look forward to Monday mornings back in the office, but believe it or not, having a sick feeling in your stomach on Sunday evenings is not normal! Your body is trying to tell you something, so listen to it.

2. You are becoming a clock watcher.

For you, time probably passes really slowly at work. An hour can seem like a day and you probably lose count of the number of times that you look at your watch or the big dreary clock on the office wall. From time to time we may all get bored at work. In the main though, if we are in the right job, we are often engaged, motivated, and caught up in the moment. In fact, time can actually pass exceptionally quickly when you are really focused on a piece of work or job task. If you never experience this sensation, then what does this say about your job?

3. You are jealous of every other person’s job.

When you are in the wrong job, you will start fantasising about being in other jobs. You will even start to imagine yourself in jobs that would normally seem deadly dull. It could be that you are envious of a delivery man’s freedom or maybe you are jealous of the opportunities staff have for creativity in your nearby coffee shop. This is understandable since the grass always seems greener on the other side, but would you really normally dream about doing these types of jobs if you weren’t so unhappy with your current situation?

4. You have classic signs of anxiety that keep coming back.

Being in the wrong job can be stressful and cause an emotional strain for our bodies. This is because everyone has a unique personality type that dictates behavior preferences, so when we have to carry out job duties that conflict with our ‘preferences,' this conflict can create anxiety and stress. How this will manifest itself will depend but classic symptoms include headaches, stomach aches, tight chest, higher levels of perspiration, and difficulty sleeping well. Take a good look at the responsibilities in your job – do you enjoy these or do you feel out of your depth? Do you have to perform duties that make you feel uncomfortable for a lot of the time? These are all signs that you are probably in a job that is not a good fit for your personality, and is therefore not the right job for you.

5. You cannot relate to your colleagues or members of your team.

Sometimes, people are in the wrong job. Other times, they are actually just in the wrong organisation. If your values are in conflict with the company culture, it is likely that you will find it increasingly difficult to relate to the ‘mantra’ that your colleagues believe in. Perhaps their suggestions seem morally or ethically wrong? Or is it that they seem to have their priorities the wrong way round? If you feel in the minority, then this could be a sign that you are working in the wrong culture and need to get out and find a company that better aligns with your personal values.

6. Even if they doubled your salary, you would still want out.

If you are still left feeling cold about your job, even in a scenario where they offered to double your salary, then it is likely that you are severely lacking job satisfaction. This takes many forms – sometimes it is a lack of work, too much work or just the wrong type of work. If you don’t get pleasure from the things you do at work and you allow this to continue, this can end up causing you unhappiness in your personal life as well. This post was originally published at an earlier date.

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