4 Signs You Chose The Wrong Career

A frustrated businessman ponders whether or not he's in the right career.

Choosing the wrong career path is a setback, but it's not an impossible setback to come back from.

The key is to realize that you've made a wrong decision, identify why it happened, and then put together a plan for moving forward.

Are you worried that you've chosen the wrong career, but aren't sure? Here are five signs that you have:

You're Not Enjoying Your Work

A dissatisfied professional struggles to get her work done.


Those who achieve career success usually find their jobs personally fulfilling, and love to find ways to solve the challenges that come with the job.

Remember, preferences are different for different people and therefore it would be stupid to choose a job just because others have had success with it. What you must do is choose a career that perfectly matches your aptitude and skills. Do not be pigeonholed into a specific career just because someone you know is happy in it, or you may end up frustrated.

You're Not Performing Well

A disinterested employee wastes time at work.


The most important factor that determines one's career growth is work performance. Employees that find ways to save and make the company money tend to produce the most results and position themselves for a promotion.

But, if you find that your work performance is gradually degrading and your superiors are not happy with you, or if you can't come up with ways to improve your job performance, or are not enthusiastic about improving your performance, then it may be time for a career change.

You're Not Satisfied With Your Role

Even if you have senior status at work, you might still feel frustrated with your job responsibilities. Remember, job satisfaction is one of the key reasons behind constructing a successful career. If you're not satisfied with your job responsibilities, you could try to have a career discussion with your boss to see if there are opportunities to change some of your responsibilities.

However, if you go this route, you need to bring some ideas to the table about changing your job responsibilities, and how it will benefit the company. If you can't do that, or are not enthusiastic about this opportunity, you might not be on the right career path.

You Have Lots Of Stress Or Anxiety

Businessman stresses out over his job responsibilities.


Stress and anxiety are common for almost everyone who works. However, if a stressful work environment goes on to affect one's health conditions drastically, he or she might want to consider a career change.

If you feel that stress and anxiety are affecting your mental peace at work, consider that it may be the wrong career option for you.

Choosing the wrong career isn't something you should be ashamed of!

It happens to a lot of people. Like with any mistake, it's important to learn from it, and apply those lessons to your efforts of choosing the right career.

The thing that you could do is stay in a career that you're unhappy with. It not only stunts your career growth, but it negatively impacts your employer.

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