5 Dynamic Ways To Reinvent Your Career Path

Your career path generally does not go in a straight line. There are times when you may need to step back, take a step down or step out of your chosen career field to make yourself stronger for the long run. If you do find yourself in a career rut, what are some things that you can do to get out of that rut? Here are a few dynamic ways to reinvent your career path:

1. Get Freelance Experience

The first step toward getting the job you want is to get experience in that field. Freelance experience can be a great way to develop your skills and get paid if you are still in school or currently out of work. One of the most difficult parts about beginning a career in any field is getting that first opportunity. Freelance work can be a way to gain that initial professional experience, especially if you are struggling to find an employer to give you your first full-time shot at it.

2. Go Back To School

Adding a history minor to your education degree could make you more marketable as a teacher. Adding a communications minor to your science degree could help you land your own television show or help you become better at communicating your findings to others in a way that makes you look good within the scientific community. An article on Career-Advice.Monster.com, for instance, details how education in a disparate field could augment your qualifications for your main career path, or even give you a chance at something completely different.

3. Take On Different Assignments At Work

Volunteer to take on assignments in departments that you haven't worked in before. For example, you could offer to write a press release or write a sales pitch for the marketing department while still performing your role as head of HR. Making yourself multidimensional is an excellent way to prove your worth to a company. Furthermore, often it is easier to get your current employer to let you try something new than it is to convince a new company to try you out at a position entirely new to you.

4. Rewrite Your Resume

Employers want to see specific skills from job candidates before interviewing or hiring them. An easy way to get jobs in different career fields is to write your resume in a way that highlights specific skills needed to find work in those fields. For example, you may have been neglecting to mention your time teaching kids in India as part of a volunteer mission because it didn't serve your needs in the past. If you are applying for a teaching job, highlighting that experience can help. Some recruiting websites even have a resume database, which you can use to find real-life examples to inspire your creativity or show you what your resume is missing.

5. Start Your Own Company

One of the best ways to get the job you want is to start your own company. When you are ready to hire employees, you can use one of the many career websites to screen applications as they come in. Those who have many years experience in a particular field can use the connections and knowledge that they have to get their company off the ground running quickly. Job search websites like www.ejobapplications.com are also great resources for locating new jobs for you if your startup doesn’t work out. You have more control over your career than you think. If you are in a career rut, the best thing to do is take action that will help you find a job that you are passionate about and can do for years to come. Consider ways to augment your current experience if you are looking for a dynamic change in your career. Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles: Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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