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When I coach clients in the area career advancement, one of the first things we talk about is their willingness. That is, do they know what it takes to reach their ultimate career goals and are they willing to do what it takes to get there? This is usually a good reality check to ensure the career goal is meaningful and realistic. Sometimes after they explore what is required, they are not so sure that career goal is the right one for them because some of the sacrifices are too great. One client discovered she would need to be willing to relocate several times in the next five-six years to advance to the higher level position she desired. This was not something she was willing to do at this stage of her life (with young children at home). This is really a key question we all must ask ourselves as we think about pursuing our career goals and our dreams: Are you willing? I heard an audio recording of Fabienne Frederickson, Client Attraction Mentor and owner of ClientAttraction.com, asking a group of the entrepreneurs whom she mentors the same question: Are you willing? She asked them the following series of questions which I found quite profound and also applicable to those who are assessing their career goals and aspirations. Her questions were as follows... To turn your goal into an every day reality, are you willing:

  • To make sizable investments in yourself?
  • To go where you have to?
  • To do what you have to do?
  • To change what you have to change?
  • To let go of what has to go?
  • To move where you have to move?
  • To study what must be studied?
  • To take direction when it is required?
  • To continue in the face of failures?
  • To commit yourself 100% to your dream?
  • To possibly even receive ridicule, humiliation or rejection as part of the price to win?
And so my friends, as you assess your own career goals, I ask you: Are you willing?
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