5 Careers That Require Scrub Uniforms

Many careers have a certain dress code associated with them. If you don’t like fussing with your clothing before you begin your work day, a job wearing scrub uniforms may be just the thing for you. Scrubs, those easy-wear easy-care, largely unisex togs originating in the medical profession, might be more appealing than business suits that demand the time and expense of dry cleaning, extra closet space, and pricey accessories. Scrubs virtually eliminate having to choose what to wear in the morning - or whenever you start your shift. Some businesses in people care (such as spas and child care) require their employees to wear scrub uniforms for their professional attire. However, this varies and is purely a business decision. Most medical professions now require their practitioners and students to wear scrubs as uniforms. Some hospitals employ a system of color coded scrubs where each department is assigned a color.

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