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Proper grooming and along with an appropriate workplace appearance can set you apart from the competition. Related: How To Dress For Casual Fridays At Work Each company has its own dress code, but there are some things that apply to all types of dress codes:

1. Make Sure Your Clothes Are Clean And In Good Repair

Nothing says unprofessional like a shirt with stains and pants with holes in them. Have a set of clothes for work and a set of clothes for hanging out, but don’t wear the latter set to work.

2. Invest In An Iron And Find A Good Dry Cleaner

Certain articles of clothing require pressing or care by a dry cleaner. Pants generally look better when they have been professionally pressed. Dry cleaning costs can be expensive, so try to find coupons or use a dry cleaner that offers a discount on certain days of the week or volume discounts for multiple pieces of clothing. Also, some pants can be worn a few times without sending them back to the cleaners each time if you hang them up as soon as you’re finished wearing them.

3. Dress Conservatively

It’s hard to err on the side of modest dressing. *A quick note on tattoos and body piercings* In recent years, the number of people with tattoos and body piercings has increased. These artistic forms of self-expression may not be welcome in some workplaces. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to remove body piercings while in the office or cover tattoos with clothing. Each employer has a different policy, so make sure you understand what is allowed in your prospective workplace. As mentioned earlier, it’s always best to err on the side of being overly conservative in your appearance. Employers may also have a preference for “natural” hair colors. To clarify, purple is not a natural hair color and may be frowned upon by some companies. If you really want a particular job, you might consider removing your piercings and covering your tattoos before the interview. If you feel strongly about your body art, make sure you find a workplace that’s accepting of your piercings and/or tattoos. This post was originally published on an earlier date.

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