5 Careers That Require Scrub Uniforms

5 Careers That Require Scrub Uniforms

Many careers have a certain dress code associated with them. If you don’t like fussing with your clothing before you begin your work day, a job wearing scrub uniforms may be just the thing for you. Scrubs, those easy-wear easy-care, largely unisex togs originating in the medical profession, might be more appealing than business suits that demand the time and expense of dry cleaning, extra closet space, and pricey accessories. Scrubs virtually eliminate having to choose what to wear in the morning - or whenever you start your shift. Some businesses in people care (such as spas and child care) require their employees to wear scrub uniforms for their professional attire. However, this varies and is purely a business decision. Most medical professions now require their practitioners and students to wear scrubs as uniforms. Some hospitals employ a system of color coded scrubs where each department is assigned a color.


Scrubs originated in the operating room. Easy to change in and out of, doctors can switch quickly from their street clothes to surgical wear, preventing blood stains on their personal clothing. With being laundered in the hospital, scrubs reduce contamination from the outside world. Originally white, they caused eye strain by reflecting the bright surgical lights. Eventually green became the standard color to reduce that problem. But now, doctors can be seen walking in an out of OR doors wearing other colors, too.


The nursing profession eventually adopted wearing scrub uniforms as standard procedure. Imagine the huge corporate sigh of gratitude that must have been exhaled when thousands of professional women working long hard days were told they no longer had to wear pure white, highly starched uniforms to work every day where they came in contact with all kinds of potential stains. Now, a wide variety of colors, styles, and prints are available to nurses, limited only by the requirement of their employers. Nurses can choose prints based on their specialty, adding a touch of whimsy and personality to their work environment. Nursing and medical assistants also wear scrubs for a professional appearance.

Medical Technicians

Members of the technology branch of medicine have joined the parade of proud scrub wearers, especially in hospital settings. Technicians in ultrasound, X-ray, MRI, CT, phlebotomy and everything else enjoy the ease of the scrubs lifestyle at work. When dealing with sick folks, it’s good to know regular clothing won’t be ruined by whatever might come their way. Scrubs also visually tie these techs in with nurses and doctors and the confidence uniforms create.

Dentistry Professionals

Wearing scrub uniforms in this field makes sense, as well. Ease of wear and care and comfort all matter to professionals with busy work days and personal lives. Like doctors, dentists have worn white coats in the past. And they also have stringent professional standards to maintain in their offices. The visual tie-in with the medical profession is a boost to patient confidence, as well. Dental hygienists and assistants wearing scrubs in the office present an overall appearance of competency to anxious patients fearing the sound of the drill.


People want to know their beloved pet is being cared for by the best possible vets and assistants. Dressing in scrub uniforms like other medical professionals transfers the appearance of knowledge and compassion to practitioners whose patients are pets or valued livestock. And for the vets and their staff, once again, scrubs make life easier. If, for some reason, you don’t aspire to the life of a medical professional for either humans or animals, you can relax around the house in scrubs or wear them in public, impressing all who see you.

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