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Employees with food allergies in the office

As someone with severe food allergies, I know how difficult it can be to address your food allergies with new co-workers and peers in an assertive, yet informative way—especially when starting a new job in a completely unfamiliar environment. How can your place of work be inclusive of employees with severe food allergies?

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How To Handle Illegal Interview Questions

In a perfect world, candidates would only be asked questions that are 100% legal. Unfortunately, job seekers have to deal with illegal interview questions all of the time. It’s very easy for an interviewer to go into those illegal areas without even realizing it. Sometimes, interviewers are untrained and don’t realize the error of their ways, and sometimes they just mess up. Related: Interview Hack: Document Everything! Either way, candidates should know their rights and responsibilities about what can and cannot be asked in an interview. Here’s a brief summary of topics that may come up during an interview, what can legally be asked, what can't, and how to handle illegal interview questions:

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