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When it comes to your job search, Google Alerts can be a useful ally. What are Google Alerts? They are notifications you get from Google after you have instructed it to monitor the Internet for new information about a topic of interest. Using the watchful eye of the world’s largest search engine is much more efficient than conducting your own daily manual searches. Related: 6 Tricks To Increase Your Odds On Job Boards For a job seeker, Google Alerts’ powers are three-fold. You can use it to monitor your online reputation, get notified of new positions that become open, and stay abreast of news from your target companies. It’s vital to stay on top of things in your search, and Google Alerts can make you look pretty sharp to a prospective employer. This post will show you the basics of how to set alerts up and demonstrate how to use the information to your advantage. First, to set up your alerts, go to http://www.google.com/alerts Enter the person, company, or job title you want to keep tabs on as the search query. Here are a few basic tips for getting the best results:

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