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In this article, I will outline the primary responsibilities of the CDAO role and, in this and subsequent posts, will further differentiate CDAOs from CIOs and CTO roles. I invite the readers of this post to comment and add their thoughts and experiences with the position.

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"Data analytics is to management decision-making what metaphysics is to spirituality. They both provide laws of thinking, procedures, methods, and treatments to shine a light on the truth. The truth generated from analytics should help executives and government officials steer clear of bad decisions and increase the value senior management brings to the firm or organization. More value is created when executives embrace these tools and resultant facts and data are leveraged to inform decisions and judgments." —Tony Branda, analytics expert. 1/17/2016.

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In today’s candidate-driven job market, employers are looking to the past to fill today’s open roles.

Once considered disloyal because they quit for greener pastures, boomerang employees are now very attractive as hiring leaders struggle to fill job vacancies created by pandemic layoffs, the "Great Resignation/Reshuffle,” and increased production. Some boomerang employees may have retired early during the pandemic, but are now hankering for more to their days than golf and CNN. Finally, boomerangs may have been wrongly dismissed, or a change of leadership has softened the gaze of the new hiring leaders. Whatever the reason, boomerang employees are a growing segment of today’s candidate pool.

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