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There are hundreds of questions interviewers can ask potential employees... but there’s one interview question you could be answering in a way that is costing you the job - and you don’t even know it! So, what's this one question? Related: How To Answer 7 Of The Most Common Interview Questions It’s different for every person—and every position. But one thing about this question is the same... it starts out like this: "Do you have experience doing... (insert whatever responsibility, duty, etc. the employer is looking to find in someone)?" Employers want to know you have the experience and the ability to perform the essential functions of the job. And you can usually tell where their biggest “hurts” are by the questions they ask during the interview. If they need someone with special expertise or experience in a given area, they’re going to make sure they ask you about that experience. So, how do you answer this all-important interview question in the best way possible?

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