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As a Job Search Coach, one of the most common mistakes I see professionals making is spending too little time on LinkedIn. Yet, not only is LinkedIn a powerful job search adjunct; it’s also a formidable career management tool. Consider these statistics:

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In today's digital age, in-person networking has become important, especially while making one’s online presence. That being said, it has become a necessity to get searchable, branded, and presentable in everything you carry out via social media. Related: The Ultimate LinkedIn Checklist The charm of social media is truly ruling out on every job sector. Job opportunities are now publicly advertised on social circuits. Thus, networking is one of the most significant elements you can leverage in your job search. The solely dedicated social networking website for professionals is LinkedIn. It’s running an interconnected network of more than 80 million professionals from around the globe, on behalf of 150 diverse industries and 200 countries in its web. Your presence over LinkedIn gives you a relevant online resume, which is easily accessible by viewers and recruiters all around the globe. Now, how do you get started with your job search using LinkedIn? Simply start with this easy LinkedIn strategy to make your visibility stronger on LinkedIn:

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Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Strategy

It is easy to invest a lot of time and effort into social media. Figuring out your return on investment (or ROI) can be a difficult task. So, how can you tell if your hard work is starting to pay off? Here are four clues that your LinkedIn strategy is working:

1. Your Search Appearances And Profile Views Have Increased

This means your profile is circulating well in LinkedIn. You have enough connections, groups, and activity on LinkedIn that your profile is starting to reach (and interest!) others. Also, your keywords are doing their job well.

2. The People Viewing Your Profile Are In Your Target Industry

When your LinkedIn strategy is coming together well, you will notice that the people viewing your profile are the people most relevant to you—legal recruiters, employers, business and strategic allies, clients, and others. In other words, your LinkedIn presence is not just reaching people, it is reaching people who matter to your job and career success.

3. People Are Reaching Out To You—Both On And Off LinkedIn

At some point, you will see the table start to turn on LinkedIn. Rather than you initiating all connections and interactions, you will become a desirable contact. Users will want you in their network and begin seeking you out.

4. Opportunities Start To Come In

Opportunities come in many shapes and sizes. They all show that you have become well regarded. Your opportunity might show itself in mentor-like relationships, requests to guest blog or work on article or other project, offers to exchange links, client referrals, notification of career opportunities... and, of course, eventually job offers!

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