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Do you wish you would figure out your true passion in life once and for all? Have you ever found yourself hoping to live for a few hundred years so you can satisfy all your interests? Do you lose interest in things you thought would interest you forever? These are typical “Renaissance Personality” statements. I notice when I talk to people about this concept, a lot of folks jump up yelling, “Yes! I’m one, too!” Others are not sure. I’ve also noticed some people think they own a Renaissance Personality, but don't. Being aware of your personality type is the foundation from which you can make changes in your life and create a modern-day “Renaissance life” that is exciting and stimulating. So, if you’ve already identified yourself as a Renaissance Personality, you’ll be on your way to a new perspective on life in general and you as a person. But in case you’re not quite sure, let’s get really clear on what a Renaissance Personality is, and what it’s not. You can spot a Renaissance Personality based on these three characteristics – with thanks to author M. Lobenstine (“The Renaissance Soul”). They are as follows:

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