3 Surefire Signs You Should Turn Down A Job Offer

Young professional man debating if he should turn down a job offer.

When you're looking for a job, you're probably going to see opportunities out there that you shouldn't take. But when does it make sense to turn down a job offer? How will you know?

Be sure to look out for these clear signs you should turn down a job offer when considering your employment options:

The Money Is WAY More Than You Were Expecting

It's important to assess every job opportunity very carefully.

For example, if a company is offering you a lot of money, WAY more money than you were making before, you have to ask yourself why.

  • Do you truly deserve that money or is this hazard pay?
  • Is there something going on in the organization that they're not telling you about?
  • Is the job a lot harder than you thought?
  • Will you be working more hours than you thought?

It's really important to kick the tires and look under the hood of every opportunity before you decide to move forward with it.

The Company Has A Bad Track Record

Young professional woman researching a company on her laptop to determine if she should turn down a job offer.


Another time you might want to turn down a job offer is when a company has a bad track record. You have to do your homework before you accept a job offer.

Go over to Glassdoor and check the reviews. What are people saying about the company? If there is a constant history of disgruntled employees and bad reviews, this is a major red flag.

The Company Isn't Well-Defined

Young professional man debating whether or not he should turn down a job offer during a job interview.


It's one thing to accept a job offer at a startup, but make sure you join one that has clear roles and responsibilities for you as an employee. If they can't give you a defined role or an idea of how your success is going to be measured, that's a warning sign.

You could get in there and they could pull a "bait and switch." That's when, all of the sudden, what you were told you were going to do and what they want you to do are two totally different things—and you're stuck. So, be careful!

Hopefully, being aware of these three signs will give you a better idea of when to turn down a job offer. Bottom line: if you're dealing with any of these situations, you might want to rethink the opportunity and/or do more research.

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