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No one calling you back after you've applied to over 100 jobs online? You've spent HOURS of time filling out applications and you still haven't seen any results. Why is that? Did you know there's only a 3% chance you're going to get called after applying to an online job posting? Yup. Kind of takes the wind out of your sails, doesn't it? The average job posting gets about 200 applicants, and HALF of those applicants get disqualified based on technicalities. From there, recruiters go in and use the applicant tracking system to filter out candidates. Once they have about 20 applications, they will go through them one by one. However, only 3-6 people will actually get called for phone screens out of this group. And only three people out of that group will likely get a chance to come in for in-person interviews. So, as you can see, the chances of you getting called are very low. That's why this type of job search isn't a good approach for most job seekers. Unfortunately, most job seekers do end up spending their time on online job boards applying to jobs because it's seemingly the “easiest" way to find jobs. It's also the most publicized approach to job search. What you need to do instead is conduct a proactive job search that targets your top employers. Instead of “spraying and praying," you need to spend your time and energy on activities that drive RESULTS in your job search. So, if you've applied to over 100 jobs online and haven't gotten any interviews, it's time to change up your job search strategy. Watch this free 20-minute video tutorial to find out how you can change your approach and start feeling better about your career. WATCH NOW!

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