What School Forgot To Teach You About Job Search

If you're stuck in an endless, frustrating job search that's going nowhere, it might not be your fault. Changes are you were never taught how to conduct an effective job search. That's because school teaches you everything EXCEPT how to get a job.

It's time to get out of that job search rut. But you will have to educate yourself on how to find and land jobs effectively. What you need to do is have a proactive job search strategy. You can do that by investing in online courses, watching tutorials, reading blog posts like this, and so on. The key is to educate yourself as much as you can so you can learn more about high payoff activities so you can start incorporating them into your search. Every day, you need to make sure you're doing high payoff activities. That means meeting the right people, targeting specific companies, and so on. Tweaking your resume every day is NOT a high payoff activity. Applying to a 100 jobs online each month is NOT a high payoff activity. Unfortunately, many of us don't know any better because those are the activities we were TOLD we had to do in order to land a job. If you don't take time to do this and understand where you need to change your strategy, you're going to continue to waste your time by conducting an inefficient job search. Do you have time to do that? It's one thing to say “I want a job." That's a goal. But it's another thing to have a strategy, which will allow you to reach your goal, and the right tactics, which are the daily activities that make up your strategy. School didn't teach you how to job search, so it's up to you to take it into your own hands and get educated!

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