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The game of sales can be a challenging one, and some people are just not meant to be in the field. However, some people are born with the natural ability to sell. Now, we aren't saying women are better salespeople than men, but the ladies do have a few natural qualities that make them great at sales.

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There are people out there who always knew they would build a career in sales. But I feel this does not match most salespeople's experience.

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So you are a director of sales. A VP. Perhaps even a CRO.

You have people working for you. They ensure the day-to-day operations, as they should.

Your time should therefore be 100% dedicated to sales management, right? Put in place the proper procedures and let the organization grow?

Well, not exactly.

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It usually goes like this.

You have a complex technical product. You recruit salespeople that specialize in hunting, farming, and closing deals.

Since this is complex tech, you also recruit a number of application engineers, sales engineers, or consultants to back them up. They are running pre-sales, sometimes deliveries and after-sales too.

And then you find out that both groups mistrust each other.

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Many have a specific image of a salesperson. It is usually not a flattering one.

Manipulative. Dishonest. Shifty. And above all, greedy!

Such is the stereotypical image. It explains why a company like Vroom is busy advertising on TV that buying a car from them never involves a trip to the car dealership. Salespeople are depicted as nothing less than evil clowns.

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