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Man makes a sales presentation at work

As a sales trainer and observer, I have watched many sales presentations.

Inexperienced sales professionals often tell customers everything they know about their product as if they were being examined at school. The problem is customers don’t want to hear everything. They lose interest. Then they buy from a different vendor.

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On The Road With Steve: Going To London Is Sure Fun. But WORTH IT?

Traveling for business used to have an entirely different meaning

By Steve Barriault

Seoul, February 2019. The last time I hopped on a plane and flew anywhere for business for many, many months.

Back then, I spent over a decade intensively traveling all over the world, especially internationally, both for internal meetings and customer visits. My colleagues at my former employers knew I loved to break new grounds and explore new territories, whether they were new industries or new countries.

One entrepreneurial marketing director thought she could derive additional benefit from all these miles flown. And thus was born On The Road With Steve, which she hosted on the company's website for years.

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