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The debate over a “skills gap” is not particularly new – but, in recent weeks, it’s escalated because of some very interesting and different perspectives of the issue. For job seekers, it’s a very important issue because human resource professionals and hiring managers are going to be assessing a candidate’s qualifications within the context of the “skills gap.” Related: Focus – A Critical Skill For Job Seekers The consensus among managers and human resource professionals is that there are significant skills gaps – that organizations struggle to identify and hire individuals with the specific skills needed. On the flip side of this position, a New York Times editorial called the idea “mostly a corporate fiction” saying “don’t blame the workforce.” The editorial blamed companies for its failures to properly train workers, charging that companies want schools and government to bear the responsibility. What’s interesting about this position is that in denying a skills gap the editorial inherently states it does exist. According to one of the recent surveys from a provider of training courses (Udemy), 61% feel there is a skills gap:

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