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Having to go through an interview is cause for enough anxiety for some people, but add to that a “stress interview” or “pressure interview” and the mind may blow. However, if you understand the strategy behind these types of interviews, you will know how to navigate through it successfully. Related: What To Do When Your Interview Isn’t Going Well The stress or pressure interview typically involves being asked questions that at face value sound totally irrelevant or impossible to answer, or may put you in an uncomfortable situation. For instance, “What color crayon would you be?” or “What would you change about our company?” These types of questions may be asked to get a read of your character. Do you handle stress well? Are you able to think on your feet? And, it may also offer insight to your character, like whether you are one who likes to shine, if you are decisive, and so on. Questions may be asked to cover different aspects such as your:

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