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Today’s Work It Daily Challenge is to identify three virtual mentors. Mentors are important influencers in your life. They are people who inspire you, shape you, and coach you. While mentors could be family members, bosses, colleagues, professional acquaintances, or friends, you don’t necessarily have to know someone in person for them to be a mentor to you. We call these people “virtual mentors.” They’re people who inspire you from afar. Whether they’re celebrities, successful business people, authors, or something else, keep them “nearby.” You don’t have to know someone personally in order for them to have a positive effect on your life. These people can inspire, shape, and coach you through their books, actions, values, missions, talks, videos, quotes, and more. As long as you look up to them, it doesn’t matter if you meet them for coffee once a month or not. One of my virtual mentors is Marie Forleo. She’s a successful business coach and entrepreneur, and she is someone who has “encouraged” me to look outside the box when it comes to business. Even though I only connect with her once a week through her email newsletter and videos, she still has had a great influence on my career. Everyone has different virtual mentors depending on their personality, goals, and personal preference. Some people will connect with you and others will not. You can have all kinds of different virtual mentors - they don’t all have to be in the same category (i.e., business coach). For example, your virtual mentors could include people like:

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