Challenge: Be Coachable

Challenge: Be Coachable

Today’s Work It Daily Challenge is to be coachable. Yesterday, millions of football fans watched on the edge of their seats as the New England Patriots went head-to-head against the Atlanta Falcons for Super Bowl 51. Reaching the championship is a goal most football players only dream about achieving. So, what made these two teams so successful? A brilliant cocktail of hunger to win, top-of-the-line coaching, and talented players who were coachable. In order to be a successful athlete, you need to be coachable. You could be the best at what you do, but you need to realize that you can always be better. And allowing others to give you advice, insight, and feedback you might not like is an important part of your growth. Whether you’re in the office or on the playing field, being coachable is an important trait. You don’t have to be on the football field in order to be coached. In fact, you probably get coached every single day at work by your boss, colleagues, mentors, and even customers. Even if you’re great at your job, there will be times when you make mistakes or could have done something better. But if you don’t realize what you’ve done or how you could’ve done it differently, you’re not going to learn. That’s why it’s important to embrace what others are trying to teach you.

How To Be Coachable:

  • Be receptive to advice from others.
  • Understand that you’re not perfect and there’s always room to improve.
  • Be open to honest feedback (even if it hurts).
  • Instead of getting defensive when you’re given feedback, embrace it.
  • Be thankful that someone cares enough about you to push you to be better.
  • Don’t just listen to your coach, put his or her advice into action.
Today, focus on being more coachable. Practicing these activities will allow you to grow, thrive, and succeed.

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