We're all guilty taking of taking work home with us at the end of the day— whether that means thinking about your to-do list while making dinner, responding to e-mails on your phone, or actually poring over spreadsheets on your laptop. Related: 3 Reasons For Stress In The Workplace According to a 2013 study, 83% of Americans are stressed out by their jobs, a 10% jump from the previous year. Overwork is just one of the many sources of stress in the modern workplace, and, while we may have accepted constant attachment to Internet-connected devices as a fact of life, we shouldn't accept the stress brought on by a poor work-life balance. In fact, stress is more than just an unfortunate part of the job, it's a safety hazard. According to MySafetySign's 2014 Health and Safety Industry Survey, stress is the most overlooked workplace safety concern, with overwork coming in a close second. Of the health and safety professionals surveyed, 24% of respondents cited stress as the health and safety concern not given enough consideration by superiors, while 20% listed overwork as the top concern.

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