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Ariella is the Content Strategist and Career Coach for Work It Daily. She graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a B.A. in journalism. Follow her @AriellaCoombs or find her on Google+.

The Best Time To Look For A Job After College

Yay! You graduated from college. But when's the best time to look for a job after college? When should you start looking for a job?

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The Successful CEO’s Secret To Being A Likable Leader

Everyone likes to be liked, especially as a leader. But what’s the secret to being a likable leader who gets things done?

When To Turn Down A Job Offer

When you’re looking for a job, you’re going to see opportunities out there that you shouldn’t take. But when does it make sense to turn down a job offer?

Recouping After Getting Drunk At A Company Event

You might find yourself drinking a few too many glasses of wine at a corporate bash. But how do you bounce back after getting drunk at a company event?

I’m Totally In Love With My Boss. Now What?

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Risks And Rewards Of Taking A Job You Don’t Want

Sometimes you need to get a job - ANY job - just to get by. But what are the risks and rewards of taking a job you don’t want?