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Corey Harlock, founder of Skills to Achieve, created the Fearless Job Seeker System to teach everyone what only a few job seekers know about how to get hired.

3 Tips From Yoda If You’re Over 40 And Unemployed

If you're over 40 and unemployed, you might want to change your job search perspective. Here are three wise tips from Yoda - read you must!

The Real Reason You’re Still Unemployed

Still haven't found a job after months? You could be the one holding yourself back. Find out the real reason you're still unemployed.

Over 40 And Unemployed? Why Are You Overcompensating?

Are you over 40 and unemployed? You could be overcompensating. Here are three common phrases that will get you eliminated, not hired!

Unemployed Too Long to Get Hired?

Stop showing employers you are unemployed and start showing them what you have to offer! Enhance your job search with this FREE webinar.

What Are You Selling To Potential Employers?

The biggest frustration for a hiring manager when asking interview questions is the “general” or “safe” answer. What are you trying to sell?

Corey Harlock

Corey Harlock, founder of SkillstoAchieve.com, is on a mission to teach job seekers how to be Inspired to Get Hired! It's time to break the rules!

What You Know About Finding a Job is Wrong

It’s true: everything you have learned about finding a job is wrong. Yep, you read that correctly – wrong. Who's giving you career advice?

Job Search: Fitting in is Failing

It is easier to get hired for your ideal job than it is to just get a job – regardless of the economy or how many jobs there are or aren’t.