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John Heckers is president of Heckers Development Group, LTD, a consulting firm based in Denver, Colorado, specializing in Strategic Executive Coaching.

LinkedIn Etiquette: Don’t Be A Whiner Or Baby

LinkedIn is a business network. It is not Facebook, nor is it kindergarten. Here are a few etiquette tips people should know for LinkedIn.

8 Issues Of Manners In Today’s Business World

This post looks at the importance of manners in the business world, as well as some of the rudeness that exists among today’s business people.

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10 Things That Matter In Your Career

Taking the time to think about things that matter in your career can save you years, even decades, of heartache. Here are some things to consider.

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Every generation has its blind spots. That's why the best working environments have a multi-generational workforce. Find out why...

10 Incredibly Stupid Things Networkers Do (Or Don’t Do) That Short Circuits Them

With over 30 years of experience, I’m always asked, “Why isn’t my networking working?” Here are a few things for networkers to check up on.

10 Things To Immediately Do On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the premier business networking site for job seekers at all levels and all ages. Here are 10 things newbies need to know about LinkedIn.

8 Sobering Reasons for Youth Unemployment

Youth unemployment is at approximately 25%. I think there are, from my research/observations, a few answers as to why recent grads can't find work.

9 Things LinkedIn Should Do Right Now

LinkedIn is a great tool for business. But they aren’t very responsive to the needs and desires of their customers. What's been your experience?

18 Good Reasons You’re Still Unemployed

"Why am I still unemployed?" This plaintive question is one I’m asked a great deal. I’d like to give a few brief answers to this question.