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10 Things That Matter In Your Career

10 Things That Matter In Your Career

Whether you’re just beginning your career or are in the middle of a career transition, taking the time to think about things that matter to you in life can save you years, even decades, of heartache. Here are some things to consider:

1. Realize Money Isn’t Everything

Family often encourages you to go for the career where you can make the highest income. Unless you have a passion for the job that makes the highest income, going there is going to be a source of incredible misery for you. While paying the bills is important, happiness and satisfaction are even more important.

2. Figure Out What You Really Need

Do you really need a McMansion and five cars for you and your spouse in the driveway? Madison Avenue and Wall Street want you to believe that your life is somehow worth less if you don’t live the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Not all of us gauge our success by how many toys and decorations we have. Do you really want to make that the benchmark of success for you?

3. Determine Where You Want To Make A Difference

Let’s be real. A Wall Street Banker doesn’t make a positive difference in the world and may, indeed, be doing great harm. If you want to make a positive difference for your community and the world, look at places you can do that, even if they don’t pay six (or seven) figure incomes.

4. Determine What You're Passionate About

The secret to feeling at peace and successful in your life is to find a passion and do it for a living. While this is not always possible, I’ve helped dozens of clients leave the corporate jungle to do just that… with great results.

5. Let Go Of Your Limits

Many people don’t work their passion because they believe they can’t do it, need more education for it, or won’t make money at it. Hint: These are excuses for remaining in or getting into a boring, stultifying life. If you don’t want to wind up faceless, nameless and depressed, let go of these artificial limits and do your passion! Of course, if your dream is to be an NFL star and you’re 5’3” and can barely walk… Well, maybe you should consider another dream. But few dreams have rigid requirements that you cannot overcome somehow.

6. Seek Spiritual Insight

Keep in mind that your spirit knows what is the best and highest for you. Seek inside your spirit for the answers. If you cannot find them through meditation and silence, seek out the help of a spiritual advisor who can help.

7. Know The Power Of Your Spirit

If you are walking your Path, your spirit will create money and opportunities for you. The key is to know you’re on the right Path and then to begin to walk it, regardless of appearances. As you walk forward, opportunities will open. There will be enough money. And you will meet friends along the road to assist you in many ways.

8. Don’t Seek Lots Of Opinions

Too many people get derailed by querying family, friends and neighbors about the Path they wish to set out on. They will get many conflicting opinions that can cause self-doubt and angst about where someone wants to go in life. Share your thoughts and dreams only with a very few friends who can be counted on to support you. Broom the nay-sayers at once.

9. Don’t Be Evil

I love the Google motto, though I wonder how much they follow it anymore. Your career can be a force for good or a force for evil in the world. It's important you know which it is, and refrain from doing that which can tend toward evil or darkness.

10. Realize Work Isn’t Your Life

Anytime we don’t get our priorities straight, the Universe has a way of coming along and knocking sense into our heads. While some work serving humanity may, indeed, be a life, most work is work. Remember you still need to give something back to the community and have some down time for yourself and your family. Careful choosing of a career that brings you peace and joy will assure you can balance and live a full life. Photo Credit: Shutterstock