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Norine Dagliano, of ekm Inspirations, is a certified professional resume writer who specializes in working with professionals who have limited job search experience.

Shave Time Off Your Job Search By Being A Smart Shopper

Don't wander aimlessly during your job search. Be a smart shopper! Find out how to narrow down exactly what you want in your career.

How To Keep Your Cover Letters From Landing In The Trash

Does it seem like all of your cover letters end up in the dreaded trash can? Find out how to write a cover letter employers will love.

Is Your Resume A Career Obituary?

To write an effective resume, don’t begin by looking back over your shoulder to see where you have been. Don't write an obituary of your career.

How To Approach Your Job Search Differently

Are you struggling trying to find a new job? Approach your job search differently by "looking for work the way you live your life."

10 Tips For Success At Job Fairs

How are you supposed to effectively attend a job fair? Here are 10 valuable tips to help job seekers find success at dreaded job fairs.

How To Cope With Job Loss

Job loss can be quite an emotional experience. Here's one way to stay positive so you can move on with your life and career goals.

How To Land A Job Faster

I have a good piece of advice – stop looking for a job. Sounds crazy, huh? Find out how this can actually help you land a job faster.

11 Tips For Choosing Your LinkedIn Photo

Did you know that LinkedIn profiles with photos receive 50-70% more inquires than profiles without? Be sure to choose the right photo!

Pay Attention to Your LinkedIn Settings

Before you start tinkering with your LinkedIn profile, make sure you change your settings. Find out why it's important and how to do this.

Norine Dagliano

A Nationally Certified Resume Writer, Norine Dagliano excels in designing strategic and branded resumes that capture attention and create desire.