The Relentlessly Changing World of Work
The new world of work is characterized by "relentless change." How do we become "relentless changers"? First, we commit to becoming as relevant and current as we can. Upgrade your skills, take some classes, invest in career coaching, stay informed about your industry, market, state, country, world. Some great resource for this are,, and Second, clearly define your "UBE": UNIQUE BRAND ESSENCE. We are the sum total of our DNA skills, work skills and personal or intangible skills. All the jobs we have had count toward forming our unique personal essence. Are you better at numbers and charts, or words and creative ideas? Maybe you have a little of both? Each of us is a unique brand and has a unique essence that motivates us. Finding those passions, your key skills and rethinking how you can adapt and apply all of it, so you leap out of bed each day is where your career and personal happiness will be found. Third, extend your "UBE" by self promotion and networking both online and in person. Find the social platform that is the most fun, best suited for you and most practical to advance your career goals. Learn the rules of engagement, promote others and add value to people’s day. LinkedIn and Twitter can be huge connectors and door openers. Facebook and YouTube can be environments to express your persona and get more personal to your community. Blend your online and offline activities and GET PERSONAL. Meeting people online is the bridge to that phone call or in person meeting where that NEXT LEAD, CONNECTION OR JOB WILL COME FROM. Fourth, develop your perseverance and resilience. These are more than challenging times for anyone. Make SMART Goals, stay focused on your daily and weekly plan, build great habits, have accountability partners and use a support system. Stay in the action and ‘do-er’ mode. When you believe you can succeed you will. Fifth, keep refining and stay inside your career success process. Relentless change requires having systems, processes and habits in place that need to be reviewed, refined and tweaked regularly. Self evaluation and action is a potent formula! EmPOWERer yourself daily to believe you can succeed. Everything you need is already inside of you. What it looks like is what it looks like NOW. Creating opportunity for the new world of work is in each day. Pay attention to the signs, look for it in front of you and also on the periphery, act on it daily, and support others. Good times for opportunity are now; better times are just ahead over the next hill. I am your advocate! Photo credit: Shutterstock
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Team sets goals and creates a business plan during a meeting
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It's that time of year again! Companies are setting goals and finalizing their business plans for the next 12 months. Business leaders might have high-level goals for their organization, but each team within the organization must have its own goals it wants to achieve to make the high-level goals a reality, and a detailed plan on how to accomplish them.

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