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People hear what they see, as they say. That’s why your personal brand is so important. Your personal brand, of course, is everything from what’s on your resume, to how you dress. If you don’t appear to be a confident, put-together professional, it might hurt your career. “You are your brand, and everything you do from how you talk, to the actions you take, to how you dress, is your brand. Always remember that,” said Ashley Poulin of SharpHeels.com. “…If you’re a dynamic, driven, successful person, dress that way.”

Q: I don’t know anything about fashion. What should I do?

You’re not alone. Everyone has the challenge of how to dress well. The best place to start is a TV character that resonates with you, according to Poulin. “Use that inspiration and start dressing like them,” she said. Look at that person’s style and find dresses, jackets, pants, or heels that are similar to that style and use it. Having a visual makes creating a great look much easier. “How you dress is a portrayal of your personality and you want to look your best at all times,”said Poulin.

Q: Do I need to spend a lot of money to achieve a great look?

Nope! According to Poulin, what really matters is the time spent on making a great look, not necessarily the dollar spent. In fact, that’s exactly what she will be talking about in her upcoming webinar, “How To Dress For You Career With $100 Or Less.”

Watch This Webinar!

In this webinar, Poulin will highlight a few key pieces every professional woman should have in her closet for maximum fashionability with minimal cost. Join us for this presentation on dressing for your career on a budget. Presenter: Ashley Poulin of SharpHeels.com. Cost: Free!   WATCH NOW ►   Photo Credit: Shutterstock  
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