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Today’s job board detox tip: Call two contacts and schedule to have coffee this week. That’s right, make phone calls. If we are going to detox you from using job boards too much, you need to get out and speak to live humans. I’m having fun with you because I know, you already know this. So how can this experience of speaking to others get better (and be fun)? Simply remind yourself that you want to go out and learn more about your field, or about a person. Have engaging conversations with others in your field or work world you are looking to get into. What do they see as cutting edge in the industry these days? How did they get into this field? Compare notes and stories. Do not be afraid. Have fun. Be engaged. You will learn so much. One footnote, don’t ask for a job in these conversations. Keep it about them and the industry. Job board detox contacts image from Bigstock
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