Job Board Detox Tip #5: Do Your Research
How are you doing on your job board detox? Are you finding better uses for your time? Well, today’s tip maybe a challenge for you. Today you are going to research the companies that you put on your interview bucket list... research them without using job boards! You can do it! Research each company to find out challenges and opportunities. Sources to research besides job boards: Google, Twitter, the company's website, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Mantra, Zoom Info, and of course your contacts. Challenges: Where are they failing / falling down? Are they getting bad press on an issue? Are they less than in the top three in that area? Where do they need help in fixing a problem? Opportunities: Did they buy a competitor? Are they gaining market share in an area? Where do they need help in growing the business? The question becomes how can you help them with their challenges or opportunities? [youtube expand=1] Job board detox research image from Stockvault
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If you read my article from last week, I talked about COVID-19 career PTSD. There are so many people who are stuck in their careers right now and can't figure out what to do next. I know from 20 years of career coaching that the answer lies in figuring out whether you need a job, a career, or a calling.

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Why Does Taking Good Notes Matter?

I graduated college and graduate school many years ago. I took notes like crazy when I was in school, and they were my own cryptic code of the subject at hand. I thought I was “done” with this style of capturing information.

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