Contest: Calling All Scary Office Refrigerators!
Is your office refrigerator horrifying? Are there still things in there from last year? Is everything freezer-burned so badly that you don't even know what's in there? If you think that you have a nasty office refrigerator, we want to see it! We are holding a new contest for the "Scariest Office Refrigerator" and we need your photos!

What You Need to Do

1. Post a picture of your scary office refrigerator to your Pinterest account. 2. Comment on this article.
  • Tell us why your office refrigerator should win.
  • Provide a link to your picture via Pinterest - make sure it's a Pinterest URL!
3. Check out our "Scary Office Refrigerator" board on Pinterest and "like" your favorite photo to vote! (Get your friends to vote, too!) Your photo will be re-pinned onto our Pinterest page for voting. If your photo receives the most "likes," you will win a special prize! Scary office refrigerator image from Shutterstock
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