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How Do I Shorten My Resume to One Page?

Dear Experts, I'm having trouble keeping my resume to just one page. I have a lot of relevant job experience for the position I'm applying for and don't know how to cut it down. Are there any 'rules-of-thumb' to follow in this situation? Here is how our T.A.P. experts answered this question: Q#328 No absolutes re: resume length, but succinct=good! Trim 1 word at a time/see what overlaps, is extra. (@keppie_careers) Q#328 Tons of opinions, but no rules. I say only go over 1 pg if you have 10+ yrs exp. If not, put highlights. (@beneubanks) Q#328 1-pg rez wd have summary profile, 2-4 bullet accomps 4 2 most recent jobs & co/title 4 rest + ed, awds. (@juliaerickson) Q#328 If u have 10+ yrs exp 2 pg rez is fine. less than 10, 1 1/2 pg OK. Either MUST use READABLE font size. (@juliaerickson) Q#328 I would include either the three most relevant positions, or the last three in reverse chronological order. (@gradversity) Q#328 Summarize exp in categories at top & put total yrs next to each one. Shorten bullet points to 1 line too. (@jtodonnell) Q#328 There are no rules re: paging. 2 pages ok as long as info. is relevant. (@DebraWheatman) Our Twitter Advice Project (T.A.P.) is no longer an active campaign. To find an answer to the above question, please use the "Search" box in the right-hand column of this website.

Need help with your job search or career? We can help!

In this week's edition of Well,This Happened, the series that lets you become a career coach, we addressed James' tough situation.

James was caught off guard during a department heads meeting when he was asked to present. He wasn't prepared but did so anyway and bombed the presentation because of this. James is now wondering what he should do to address this situation.

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