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6 Of The Most Progressive Careers In Accounting

A career in accounting is considered by most as a fairly concrete job to qualify for. As the recovery from the recession begins to gather pace, accountancy is becoming a thriving area of employment possibilities. Having a strict control of finances is more important than ever before and obtaining a fully qualified accountancy team is crucial to any organization. There are a wide range of qualifications involved in accountancy and to be competitive in the job market, further study is required. The ACCA accreditation is a globally respected qualification that puts accountants ahead of BA (Hons) holders when applying for a role. By being accredited, it showcases in-depth knowledge of accountancy in the working environment. By having the required qualifications, the scope of employment is far greater. Opportunities for jobs throughout the world become a realistic aim. With this in mind, here is a list of the most progressive careers in accounting:

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