3 Tips For Finding An Accounting Job

3 Tips For Finding An Accounting Job

If you are fresh out of university with little actual work experience and few industry connections, looking for a job as an accountant can be a daunting prospect. However, there are a few things you can do to make the task of finding an accounting job an easier one:

1. Improve Your CV

You should do this before even considering doing anything else. Format your CV to look clean and professional. If you are fresh from your accounting course and have no relevant experience, place your education credentials near the top. Mention any university-based activities that may be relevant to a prospective appointment to show that you have the skills that are needed. Your university will no doubt have resources that are geared to helping you find a career upon graduation – so whether you are a current student or you have just graduated you should take full advantage of these resources – talk to your careers advisor and attend career fairs. Prior to attending the careers fairs in question, do your research – find out which accountancy firms will be attending and find out basic information about the firms such as selling propositions, core strengths and their place in the market. Most of this information should be available on the firms’ websites.

2. Join A Professional Accounting Organization

Such organizations will often host networking events to allow you to meet and make an impression on potential employers – you will be able to join many of these organisations through your university. Examples of accounting organizations in the UK include the London Society of Chartered Accountants and the Certified Public Accountants Association.

3. Search For Job Openings Online

The best way to search for a job in any field is to do so online, as this is now the preferred method of advertising positions for many companies. It would be advisable to do your online job search on sites which advertise many jobs in the accountancy field. A specialist recruiter in this area is Jobs Direct. Managing Director Oliver Adderley comments, “There are a range of recruitment sites out there, but it’s vital to find one that specializes in recruitment in your industry sector. It is important that you are able to narrow down search results of accountancy positions that you want to apply for; based on location and salary expectations. At Jobs Direct, we ensure you can.” Photo Credit: Shutterstock