10 Questions You Need to Know Before an Accounting Job Interview

What to Expect from a Job Interview Whether you are fresh out of college and searching for your first real accounting job or happen to be a seasoned old pro looking for some helpful tips and pointers, you need look no further. Knowing what to expect from accounting job interviews can be difficult for some, and it can be especially hard for those who are looking to start their first real career.

Planning Ahead

You should already know the first impression you make at a job interview will either make you or break you. The best way to approach any interview is to go in with a basic understanding of the nature of the position for which you are applying. You can expect some questions to be fairly general, as is the case with most any job interview. However, when it comes down to business, you had better be prepared to provide some comprehensive answers on some relatively job-specific questions. Are you ready for this? Expect nothing less than a hailstorm of questions regarding the extent of your experience in the technical aspects of accounting. You will want to have had plenty of prior experience with using various social media platforms, for instance, and it also helps to be at the top of your game when it comes to the newest technology breakthroughs.

Interview Questions to Expect

Ten of the most commonly asked accounting job interview questions include the following: 1. What is your reason for pursuing a career in the accounting profession? 2. Do you have any prior experience with managing invoice disputes? 3. Can you explain to me the impact that Net Cash Accrual has on working capital? 4. Are you able to recall any past instances in which you bungled an invoice? If so, how did you handle the situation? 5. How well acquainted are you with today's accounting laws and policies? 6. Can you tell me how you would go about preparing a cash flow statement? 7. How well are you able to handle working under pressure with encroaching deadlines? 8. How would you handle being asked to compromise your own personal values all for the sake of the company? 9. While finishing the last quarterly filings at your former workplace, did you come across any discrepancies? 10. What was the impact of these discrepancies on the company you once served? Did these discrepancies harm or benefit the institution? While there is no real limit to amount of accounting job interview questions you might be asked, it is important to be as best prepared as you can. The fact of the matter is being a technological connoisseur is essential to one's success in the world of accounting, and this is especially true for those who are just entering this field. However, the key ingredient to success is your ability to market yourself to the interviewer. You must convince them that you are at the top of your game and ready to work harder than other applicants. Make it count! This article was written by Ken W., a professional recruitment consultant who has many years of experience working with top recruitment agencies such as Account Principals. Image Credit: Shutterstock

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