6 Of The Most Progressive Careers In Accounting

6 Of The Most Progressive Careers In Accounting

A career in accounting is considered by most as a fairly concrete job to qualify for. As the recovery from the recession begins to gather pace, accountancy is becoming a thriving area of employment possibilities. Having a strict control of finances is more important than ever before and obtaining a fully qualified accountancy team is crucial to any organization. There are a wide range of qualifications involved in accountancy and to be competitive in the job market, further study is required. The ACCA accreditation is a globally respected qualification that puts accountants ahead of BA (Hons) holders when applying for a role. By being accredited, it showcases in-depth knowledge of accountancy in the working environment. By having the required qualifications, the scope of employment is far greater. Opportunities for jobs throughout the world become a realistic aim. With this in mind, here is a list of the most progressive careers in accounting:

1. Forensic Accounting

Perhaps the most popular form of accounting, forensic accounting allows for investigation into fraud, divorces, contract disputes, insurance claims and work with higher authorities. The varied work is an intriguing avenue and provides a wealth of surprises throughout the career.

2. Environmental Accounting

Environmental accounting is only going to become more and more popular as organizations begin to take corporate social responsibility further. This area of employment could be a vital market leader in years to come and focuses on becoming green and keeping costs down.

3. Bookkeeping

One of the most valuable areas of accountancy; bookkeepers are a necessity for all small businesses and not for profit organizations. With the demand for these skills so high, accountants have the freedom to choose which sector to live in.

4. Tax Accountant

Perhaps the most stigmatized accounting job; tax accountancy is tough work but rewarding. Having knowledge of this complicated process will give the accountant valuable experience when moving up the career ladder.

5. Financial Reporting

Working as part of the finance team, the responsibility of financial projections and statements will be the biggest element in this role. This job provides opportunity to work for some of the world’s biggest (and most cut throat) organisations.

6. Government Accounting

Government accounting is a solid career choice that can provide a secure future for the family. However, if it is large wages and a more exciting position needed then a government position should be used as a footing step for progression. Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles:Photo Credit: Shutterstock