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Leader talks to a colleague at work

If you are a leader who aims to become a human leader, who might feel that your personal mission in life encompasses enabling greatness in others; helping people figure out how they matter, how their teams matter; how they can work together unleashing their potential for the greater good; and making a positive difference, then these might come in handy as you continue to build your leadership skillset—for today and the future.

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Woman explains something to her coworkers

When you can't stop working...

I went to my local airport to go on a business trip. I noticed some elderly ladies in Departures struggling to use the self-check-in machine.

My user training instincts kicked in. Using my own passport as an example, I showed them how to check in and get their boarding passes. I stood by helping them get theirs in the same way that I take my employers’ customers through our product’s workflow.

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