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Take 2 Minutes To Be More Memorable

This weekend, most of us will end up doing something social that involves meeting new people. Here's a quick tip for being more memorable... in a good way. After the normal introductions (i.e. your name and what brought you to the event) do something crazy. Don't ask the person what they do for work. That's right. Go against the societal norm and avoid asking the question, “What do you do?"

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Quick Fixes To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

When you first joined LinkedIn, it made sense to fill out quick facts to get the profile up and running, just to start connecting with others. However, if it’s been a few months and you still have a bare-bones profile, it's less likely to generate any results for your job search, and even if it does attract visitors, they’ll quickly leave to find someone more interesting. The reality about LinkedIn is this: it’s an amazing job search tool that brings you new leads, impresses your network, and entices recruiters to call — but only if you use it in a way that promotes your professional image. Look at these types of problems to see if you recognize yours – and take action to improve your LinkedIn profile before it brings your job search to a halt:

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6 Ways To Shorten Your Job Search Without A Resume

Looking to shorten your job search? As a career coach and resume writer, many of my clients come to me when they need a job. Perhaps they have been laid off, or their firm closed, or they were unable to land a summer internship. At that point, they're already playing catch-up. A great resume is important, but it's not a silver bullet. It can't single-handedly land you the position of a lifetime. There's still a lot of work that you need to do. And, unfortunately for those playing catch-up, a lot of that work is investment in time and energy that are best done before you need a resume.

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