30+ Years Experience But No Degree - What Do I Do?

Dear Career Experts, A Maintenance Manager by trade, I reached my current level of management by being promoted up through the ranks. Which means, I never got around to getting a college degree. Now after 30+ years, I find myself unemployed and all job postings requiring a degree. How can he overcome this obstacle? Our Twitter Advice Project (T.A.P.) is no longer an active campaign. To find an answer to the above question, please use the "Search" box in the right-hand column of this website.

Man on laptop enjoys summer while working full time

There you are: sitting on the beach, covered in sunscreen, reading your favorite book, drinking your favorite drink under the cool shade of an umbrella. Life doesn't get any better than this. Suddenly, a door slams, a phone rings, a printer turns on. You jolt back into consciousness. You're at work, sitting in your cubicle, without even a hint of sunshine streaming in from outside.

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