5 Common Mistakes that Will Cost You a Promotion

5 Common Mistakes that Will Cost You a Promotion
So you want a promotion…who doesn’t? The bigger question is: Do you really know what it takes to earn one? I counsel people daily on career development strategy. This isn’t something we are taught in school, so it’s no surprise many professionals (of all ages) fail at it. Some of the most common mistakes I see are:
  1. Assuming if you keep your head down and do your work as expected you’ll be recognized for being a good employee and automatically ‘earn’ a promotion.
  2. Asking about promotion opportunities at the wrong time resulting in an invisible “do not pass go” being placed on your career.
  3. Failing to capitalize on conversations ideal for discussing promotions.
  4. Accepting assignments or participating in special projects that will ruin your chance of getting promoted.
  5. Trying to do your job so well as a way to make yourself seem irreplaceable.
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