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Arleen Bradley is a Certified Job Loss Recovery Coach, a Certified Career Management Coach and a Certified Job Search Strategist. She is the founder/coordinator of two networking groups and the author of a weekly career blog.

Are You Sabotaging Your Job Search?

Pessimistic about finding a new job? You could be sabotaging your job search. Learn how to put yourself in a better frame of mind.

The Secret To Acing A Job Interview

Always stressed out for your job interviews? You're not the only one. Learn the secret to relaxing during an interview so you can ace it.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction In Your Job Search

The Law of Attraction can be applied to your job search. By changing your thoughts, you will reach your goal. Learn how to find career success.

What Athletes Can Teach Job Seekers About Career Success

Have you ever seen a world class athlete before their event? What they are doing is called guided imagery and it can help job seekers.

Arleen Bradley

Arleen Bradley is a Certified Job Loss Recovery Coach, a Certified Career Management Coach and a Certified Job Search Strategist.

Surviving Unemployment: 5 Steps for Dealing with Family Holidays

One of the topics of conversation is sure to be your lack of employment. You can expect career advice, criticism and lots of questions.

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas… For a Job Seeker

Because of my desire to help the unemployed, I frequently find humorous things to share with my clients and unemployed friends. Here's a poem...