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Jim Schreier is a management consultant with a focus on management, leadership, including performance-based hiring and interviewing skills. Visit his website at www.farcliffs.com.

This Has Got To Be One Of The WORST Interviews Possible (You Decide)

There are many examples of poorly prepared interviewers. The following true story certainly deserves a nomination for one of the worst interviews possible.

Would HR Managers Review YOUR Resume?

Would HR managers review YOUR resume? In this experiment, four resumes were presented to HR managers, and the results might surprise you...

What To Do When Your Company Doesn’t Encourage Forward Thinking

Thinking about the future starts with understanding what’s preventing it from happening. If your company doesn't encourage forward thinking, do this!

4 Tips To Keep In Mind When Organizing Your Resume

There will always be discussions over the “best” format for resumes. Here are 4 tips to keep in mind when organizing your resume!

When It Comes To Your Career, Is Making Assumptions Good Or Bad?

Some people caution that one should never make assumptions. When it comes to your career, is making assumptions good or bad?

5 Lessons For An Interview Makeover

Have an interview coming up? Don't miss these 5 lessons that will give you an interview makeover. They may be exactly what you need to land the job!

What Does Fast Track Hiring Mean For Candidates?

Organizations that are dealing with shortages of much needed skills, are implementing “fast track” hiring. What does fast track hiring mean for candidates?

5 Tips For Working On A Group Project At Work

Group projects are and have always been, a part of work for most organizations. Here are some tips for working on a group project at work.

4 Realities Job Seekers Must Face About Job Gaps

It is clear that job seekers need to face some realities when it comes to their search. Here are 4 realities job seekers must face about job gaps.

Resume Nightmares: Part Two

Some job seekers need additional motivation and guidance to prepare for the challenging aspects of their search. Here's how to avoid resume nightmares.