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NaBeela is the Social Media & Communications Manager for Work It Daily. She graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a B.A. in Visual Advertising. Follow her @Simplee_B.

How To Find The Confidence To Defy The Odds In Your Career

There are times in your life where everything aligns perfectly, but then there are others where different parts of your life begin to shift, leaving you to pick up the pieces. (Psst! Can’t get hired? Watch this free tutorial.) When you are confronted with the latter, it’s important to be confident when change presents itself and […]

How Financial Literacy Can Improve Your Career After College

There are many benefits to working on your financial literacy to ensure you maintain healthy finances and a balanced career. Here are a few ways financial literacy can improve your finances and career.

What To Do When You’re Second-Guessing Your College Degree

Are you second-guessing your college degree? Not sure if you went to school for the right subject? You're not alone. Here's what you need to do if you're experiencing this type of career anxiety.

How To Dominate The Job Market After Graduation

Donning your cap and gown this spring? Get ready to enter the workforce! Here’s how to absolutely crush the competition after graduation.

How To Become Tech Savvy In Your Career

Still rocking a flip phone and can't seem to make technology work for you in your career? All is not lost. Here are a few simple ways you can become tech savvy at work.

What To Do When You’re Not The ‘Ideal Candidate’

You’ve probably heard the term best fit or ideal candidate quite a bit if you’ve been applying for new jobs, but what do you do when you're NOT the ideal candidate for a job? Here are some tips.

How To Keep Your Momentum In Your Career

Lost your motivation? Can't see to get ahead? How do you maintain your momentum in your career when the worst situations strike? Here’s how...

4 Ways To Hack A Job Search When You’re Demotivated

A job search can feel like full-time job, and can be utterly draining. Here are six ways you can conquer your job search burnout when you're feeling demotivated.

4 Career Lessons You Can Learn From ‘Black Panther’

If you haven’t heard already, Disney-Marvel’s Black Panther is a huge success. Here are some career lessons you can learn from the hit movie.

Late For An Interview? Here’s How To Keep Your Momentum

If you’re late for an interview, you might find your confidence rattled or feel that all of your hard work and EVERYTHING you rehearsed just went swiftly down the drain. But all is not lost...