The Benefits Of Cycling To Work [Infographic]

Cycling to work and leaving the car at home seems to be becoming a popular mode of transportation, especially when the Tour De France providing something of an inspiration at this time of year. However, do we really know about the benefits of cycling to work? Although there's no doubting it's definitely healthier, there are many more reasons to pause before you next climb into the car. Although it might be a given that your health will improve, it's quite dramatic just how much cycling to and from work can help in the long run. If you normally have a 30 minute cycle to work, you could burn over 800 calories. That is a huge amount (it's actually the equivalent of eating four Kit Kats or a bacon sandwich). When you compare that with the small number of just 136 calories if you travel by car, then you can see a dramatic difference in numbers. As well as helping weight loss, cycling is also a wonderful way to beat the nightmare traffic jams that often make work commuters seethe with anger when they need to get to and from work. Furthermore, statistics provided by Express Solicitors' infographic 'On yer bike' reveal that 43% of commuters spend their time stuck in traffic. That is a very high number when you consider just how many people travel to work every day. According to a study on cycling, cyclist are up to 50% faster than drivers. Therefore, when you look at your car and assume it'll be faster, pause and maybe reconsider... Your bike could be a much wiser option than you first thought. This is just a small snippet of information from a substantial list about the benefits of cycling to work. Furthermore, even if you're not sold on the idea of finding your bike, don't worry because the infographic below also has lots of helpful tips and advice to keep your car journeys to and from work as safe and hassle free as possible. Check it out! Cyclists vs. Motorists: The Wheel Truth - Express SolicitorsPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

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