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Data analytics concept
One of the pillars of an exemplary data management and governance program is data literacy. Organizations often assume that their executives or data users are not data literate and don't understand how to ensure data is of quality and how everyone has a role in creating and managing data. Internal branding about how data helps management make better decisions has been around for a decade. But to go from data to information and knowledge, data literacy is not enough for the clients of data analytics practitioners. Business data analytics users need accurate multi-disciplinary skills to ask themselves what the data tells us and where and how these insights can be applied.
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Teacher stands in his classroom

Within the United States, many state departments of education are lowering teacher certification requirements to meet the demands of the current teacher shortage. In New Jersey, for example, aspiring educators no longer need to take PRAXIS exams. In Arizona, people are now allowed to teach in school with just a high school diploma (and current enrollment in university). In New Mexico, the National Guard has been activated as substitute teachers.

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