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Welcome to the Career Bar & Grill! What is it? A daily dialogue exchange on Twitter between our blog readers where they provide professional thoughts on a career related topic. How does it work? It's easy. You read one of our questions and echo your naturally conveyed opinion to the rest of the world via Twitter. Here's the process... Step 1: We post a question. Each day, we'll post a question here on and add it to our Twitter stream. Subscribe » to our blog via e-mail or follow us » on Twitter so you can always be updated when we post a new question. Step 2: You post an answer. After reading our question and forming your own thoughts, express yourself using your Twitter account. Don't forget to add the #CareerBG hashtag to your tweet! If you don't have a Twitter account but are finally ready to create one, read » our FREE guide to getting started on Twitter and leveraging it for your career. Step 3: Read other opinions. After updating Twitter with your own response, see what others are saying about that particular question by searching for the #CareerBG hashtag on Twitter Search. Why should I get involved? When you respond to our questions using your Twitter account, you will be building your online personal brand. Owning a virtual presence is essential for any job seeker to land her or his dream job. Just make sure your responses are formulated in a positive manner! Photo credit: Shutterstock
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Have you heard of the three Cs of career growth? They are the three things you need to focus on in your career if you want to move up the ladder at work and find long-term professional success.

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