Stumble Your Way To Career Greatness In 2014

Stumble Your Way To Career Greatness In 2014

Career is a major part of everyone’s life. More than 70% of Americans surveyed said that they don’t like their job. We think the number is even higher. That’s why we’re partnering up with StumbleUpon to help you get your career on track – the easy way!

CAREEREALISM & StumbleUpon Are Teaming Up!

Instead of scouring the Web for hours on end trying to find the best career and job search tips, get stumbling! Lucky for you, we’ve created 10 valuable StumbleUpon lists containing the HOTTEST (and most helpful!) articles for your career and job search. “We’ve taken the guesswork out of finding career advice,” said J.T. O’Donnell, founder of Want a peek? Here’s a list of our CAREEREALISM StumbleUpon lists:
  • Young, Hot & Looking for a Paycheck: For college grads who know they are rock star talent that hasn't been discovered yet. This list is for you!
  • Crush the Job Interview: Tips for making sure you have the interviewer hanging on your every word and dying to make you an offer.
  • Show Me the Money! (How to Get Promoted Faster): Tips for climbing the corporate ladder quicker so you can earn more money.
  • Job Networking Genius (Secrets to Greatness): How to use networking to build your career empire and have people doing you all sorts of favors.
  • Brilliant (and Sneaky) Job Search Shortcuts: Tips for finding work faster that are too good to pass up.
  • My Career Sucks (Next, Please!): How to get out of a bad career without ending up in a worse one.
  • Gimme Career Inspiration (NOW!): Having a bad day at the office? Is the office your couch because you are unemployed? Then this list of inspiring articles might help you find a solution to the career blues.
  • Nailing the Cover Letter: Tips for crafting a winning cover letter that will land you an interview.
  • LinkedIn for Cool People: Tips and tricks for becoming a career rock star on LinkedIn.
  • Make My Resume Awesome: Never write a lame resume again with these resume tips!
Think of StumbleUpon as a virtual folder of all things career! Don’t risk having a great career article get swallowed up by the hundreds of other pages you’ve bookmarked. Sign up for StumbleUpon now and have everything organized and at your fingertips! Want to check it out? Click on the button below to start stumbling your way to career greatness today! Find Career Articles NOW ► (Psst! Don’t forget to share our lists with your family, friends, and Career Buddies on your social channels!)

How Does It Work?

New to StumbleUpon? Here’s the quick and dirty on how it works:
  • Sign up and log in
  • Choose your interests
  • Click the big, red “Stumble” button at the top of your screen. This will bring you to webpages that relate to the interests you choose initially.
  • If you like or dislike a page, you can click the thumbs up or thumbs down icons next to the big “Stumble” button. If you like something, it will save it for you on your profile page under “Likes.”
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